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Sears Auto Centers can be found all over the United States.

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All of these services are carried out by licensed professionals who have been in the business for years. Apart from being done professionally, their automotive services are also pretty affordable. In fact, come of Sears services come at pretty competitive rates. On top of that, you can reduce that price even further by using Sears auto coupons.

Taking proper care of your car means hiring experienced professionals to take care of its maintenance. But, to do that, sometimes you need to pay a lot. Sears Tires Sire tire coupons are also available for the different kinds of tires sold by Sears. There are two kinds of tires that you will find here: Winter tires Winter tires are ideal for people who drive their vehicles on roads covered with ice, snow, and sleet.

All-season tires All-season tires, as the name suggests, are suitable for the dry summers, wet springs, as well as dry winters. Wheel alignment Sears also offers wheel alignment services.

Offer expires on 4th August The expiration date is 4th August Free alignment checks till 31st December Redeem these Sears tires coupons and make great savings. Trending Articles. What You Need to Know Before Read Article.

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Discount Tires — Most Recent. Natural Skincare Regimens for Dry Skin. Tips to Choose the Best Puppy Food. If you're looking for anything - from plumbing services to those midnight flower delivery guys - be rest assured you will find it on Shop. If you're at the other end of the spectrum and are looking to get your new business some traction, you've come to the right place. I can say the same about my RAV but never had an alignment, at least not in the last 2 years I've had it. But I am planning to get one next year with new tires. Can you give me your specs or what you think would be good for me?

Thanks to all for your replies and shared experience. I need to make a decision soon since i have to make mile trip. Only the toe is out of specification according to sears quick alignment check. Front tires are pointing nward and suspect camber is off as well since inner edge of fronts seems to show uneven wear. Is it wise to jsut rotate and save the algnment for my local shop upon the mile trip or bite the bullet and pay for the service either sears or another shop?

Joined Nov 29, I decided to pass on the alignment, but did the usual balance and rotation. However this time requested rearward cross rotation with my goodyear assurance comforttred tires. I received pushback from sears its where i got the tires from with lifetime rot and bal claiming any type of cross rotation was not recommended since it would mess up the tpms and cause it to go mad. I asked how is that possible???

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I only see on the dashboard the tpms light turn on when below a certain psi it never Identifies which tire is low and by how much. So i saw no problem with a rearward cross rot.

They did it and claimed they had to reset something so the sensors would not be tripped. I really doubt they did anything special. Has anyone ever done a rearward cross or cross rot rot and heard of such nonsense? My tires are not unidirectional.

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Joined Jun 15, In my opinion Sears cannot be trusted. They have been involved numerous consumer scams throughout their history including their sneaky "Bait and Switch" practices of the past. WJBertrand said:.

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I have rotated the tires on my '11 model a couple of times, crossing the rears as they were moved to the front. Didn't have to touch the TPMS.

Sears is selling you BS on that one. Its what i figured. Made no sense at all, but then i recall seeing a screenshot from members who have the toyota software to diagnose and change settings like register and add a key , that showed the monitored psi for each tire identified as left front, right front etc etc Wouldn't that mean there is some sort of identitication for each tpms? Not exactly. Techstream shows Sensor 1, Sensor 2, Sensor 3, etc. Each sensor is represented by an individual serial number--all I know on mine is Sensor 5 is the spare.

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Join the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. Recommended Reading. Alternator went bad, I've got a new one mounted up and I should have known the crazy time I had just getting the belt off that putting it back on would be trouble. This is my old but excellent condition belt, not a new tighter one.