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I went to Ikea and Costco's food courts to compare the taste of the food, menu offerings, prices, and overall experience to see which was better.

Here's how it went. The menu was incredibly simple. Paige Bennett. My local Costco opens at a.

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T he place was pretty crowded already, both at the food court and inside the store. Luckily, there were many cashiers at the food court and the line of hungry shoppers was fast-moving, so we didn't have to wait very long to place our order. We found a table without much trouble, but it might have been more difficult if we arrived around noon or so when it's more common to eat lunch. As I browsed the menu, I felt a bit underwhelmed with the available options.

The brand's new vegan al pastor salad sounded like a delicious combo of fresh greens, veggies, and plant-based protein but, for whatever reason, it wasn't available on this day at my location. So instead I settled on a classic slice of cheese pizza.

My partner, Matthew, ordered a plain hot dog and a medium-sized drink. We also shared a non-fat frozen yogurt vanilla- and acai-flavored and a churro. The food court menu also included a few other things we didn't try including a chicken salad, an acai bowl, a hot turkey sandwich, a chicken bake, smoothies, and an ice-cream sundae.

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This churro was just one buck. The pizza was about the size of my head.

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On top of being incredibly affordable, the menu items at Costco seemed pretty big. My slice of cheese pizza was the size of my head. The frozen yogurt came in a large cup and was filled beyond the top of the container.

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The churro, which we measured, came out to about 18 inches long. The hot dog was the most "average" in portion size — it seemed to be about the size you'd find at a grocery store.


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Swedish meatballs are actually Turkish, Sweden says

For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. One user was simply grateful for the insight. Much love from Turkey," wrote Fatih The Observer. Thank you for bringing the fact! Swedish meatballs are traditionally eaten with creamy brown sauce, mashed or boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam, a sweet condiment particularly popular in northern Europe and made from berries related to cranberries and blueberries.

King Charles XII took the throne in at age 15 and later spent several years in Bender now Bendery in Moldova , which was under Turkish rule, before returning to Sweden in -- allegedly with a recipe for meatballs.

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