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William Coupon on Rock Paper Photo purchase a print or two.. William Coupon on Behance. Wide Seamless Muslin.

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  4. Hang the canvas from something high, dab the paint on with a sponge. You can also do this on a panel of plywood. Yes, it is heavier to move, but it can be quite a nice, stable background. For those who want pre-painted. I keep the emails on point, and relevant to photographers who want to discuss more than gear.

    Addicted to Coupon's Portraits - Photography by Irene LieblerPhotography by Irene Liebler

    Irving Penn - Avedon canvas backgrounds I have absolutely no information about Penn's and Avedon's painted fabric backgrounds, but I've talk to many portrait studio shooters over the years, and it seems with them that the consensus is that a good background can take time to evolve and mature. The backgrounds that people have shared info with me are never store bought.

    They are hand painted.

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    The painting is not a one day, or a one week process, but more of a life time project. They are always tweeking them by adding color here or brightness there or darking areas to suit their changing taste. I've not met him, have only read about his backgrounds, but William Coupon makes his own and has several.

    William Coupon: Portraits

    He was a textile major at Syracuse University and only got into photography after college. While enjoying the club scene in NYC in the early 's, he started photographing the musicians he enjoyed.

    To clean up the background he painted his own backdops using his knowledge of textiles. The clubs started to hang the portraits up, and the art directors who when to the clubs started hiring him for his look. The rest is history. Perhaps Penn and Avedon had their assistants paint, or hired artist to paint their backgrounds, I don't know.

    Locations where this product is available

    But you should try making your own to get the look you like. Irving Penn - Avedon canvas backgrounds Perhaps Penn and Avedon had their assistants paint, or hired artist to paint their backgrounds, I don't know. This is quite likely the case.

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    Sarah Oliphant in NYC made custom canvas backdrops for photographers for many years. She may still.

    enter site She is or was married to portrait photographer Michael O'Neill. Irving Penn - Avedon canvas backgrounds Oliphant's backdrops were a copuple of grand back in the day, so I expect they are out of sight now, while Coupon appears to use smaller backdrops and place his subjects really close to it so his lighting spills onto it. I am mainly looking for a Penn style backdrop - middle grey, splotchy but not distinct.